Leo Fender’s 1966 Stephens 50′ Yacht Restoration

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Leo Fender, inventer of the electric guitar and the father of modern music, was an electrical engineer & entrepreneur who was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 1992 by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones who said “thank God, for Leo Fender, who makes these instruments for us to play.”  Aquafen is a 50’ classic 1966 Stephens yacht built by Leo Fender after he sold Fender Guitar to CBS in January 1965.

California Boatworks is consulting with Aquafen for the restoration of Leo Fender’s 1966 50′ Stephens Yacht which he commissioned to have built after he sold Fender Guitar to CBS in 1965 after building and selling guitars to many legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame musicians.

Leo also loved boats, owned at least three, and even acted as a consultant for a boat company.

“Leo would help a manufacturer in the Bay Area design boats,” said Phyllis. “They would send blueprints back and forth, and when they agreed on a design, they’d build it and send it to Leo.”

Phyllis also mentioned that Leo and his longtime friend and business partner, George Fullerton, cruised in the boats almost every weekend in Catalina Island, Calif.”

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